Sunday, 4 October 2015

4th Annual Creative Engagement Exhibition

4th Annual Creative Engagement Exhibition

 A creative engagement happens when a local artist or  arts  group comes into the school and imparts their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to the students.  This partnership has mutual benefits to both artist and school.

We were welcomed by Helen Humphreys TD Minister For Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht who introduced Derek West as the brains behind the Creative Engagement Programme.

Derek left us with  quote to ponder over from the Philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer.
Schopenhauer believed, however, “that a momentary release from our imprisonment in the dark dungeon of this world could be achieved through the arts: painting, sculpture, poetry, drama, and above all – music. Through these media we are in touch with something outside the empirical realm. We are taken out of time and space and out of ourselves (body inclused).” 

Ms. Mairead McGuinness MEP made sure to pay a visit to all the stalls and meet the students and listen to what they had to say about their project.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Promote the Blog

The Blog promotions are finished and hanging in the Assumption Secondary School for all to see.

The TY students started work on the Cardboard Blog promotion yesterday at 9.45am. 8/5/15. We had the designs penciled in and all the shapes cut by 11am. The class broke up into teams and the students glued the shapes together with the help of small cable ties. These helped to hold the joining cardboard shapes in position while PVA glue was applied later.

 Here the student punctures two holes in the double layer of cardboard and uses the holes to run the cable tie through in order to keep the shapes together but allows the glue to be applied later.

 The Unicorn is cut out and ready for the next stage of the project.

Once they had the shapes glued they were ready to paint. The palette of colours was carefully work out and the students began the fun part of painting the large cardboard cut out. 

 They made the artwork as colourful as possible while the typography teams work on the large lettering ( they penciled out the lettering and ran a light wash of white gouache paint over the pencil and cardboard. They quickly dried it under the dryer and had the signs painted in black lettering using brushes and black gouache paint. They completed the blog address in time to glue it to the Aeroplane and Unicorn before the one o'clock bell rang. Time's up!
The Blog promotions are ready to hang in the hall next week once the students return to complete the painting of the characters in the aeroplane windows. 
We want everyone in the school to be aware of the artyassumption blog as it will continue to give updates of students work in the Art Room throughout the years. Once these are hanging in the corridor they should draw attention to the blog thanks to the Ty students 2014-15

We are inspired by a Russian Publisher's stand at the Bologna Book Fair and hope to produce a similar piece of artwork to promote the Blog within the school. Sketching has already begun and we hope to produce the final artwork next Friday. Here are some photos of the Russian stand.